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Our Customers

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FERRARI OIL LLC has key focus of products and services related to SOE (State Owned Enterprises), quasi parastatal corporations and certain pre- qualified private end users. The key focus and requirements that FERRARI OIL LLC looks for with end clients are their experience in “corporate” sales of petroleum refined products, as well as chemical products. It is the belief at FERRARI OIL LLC that one must have a working knowledge and experience within the field to properly manage the requirements of producing and marketing either refined petroleum products and chemical products. At present most of the clientele currently engaged with FERRARI OIL LLC are SOE Oil & Gas firms acting on behalf of their respective governments or private major Oil & Gas companies. The trading sector clientele is for better part “ex industry veterans” that have knowledge and active trade experiences in their respective fields of operations.

Clientele qualifications are simple and straightforward; all that is required to start the ball rolling is that the client must issue their intent to purchase; from there FERRARI OIL LLC will engage its standard KYC and DD Process.

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01 January 2020


Our Customers




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