What we do

What we do

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FERRARI OIL LLC, is a private production and trading Oil & Gas firm founded on 2020, based in Tallinn - Estonia, Milan - Italy, and in Houston - USA, focused on the production and marketing of physical commodities. Our global relationships enable us to offer sustainable contracts to SOE enterprises, major Oil & Gas companies and qualified traders. FERRARI OIL LLC is a company whose business model is rooted in a similar historical base with companies such as Italy’s ones, but with a clear 21st century vision as to how the changing demand in our global society have altered the economic and political landscape to create unique opportunities.

At FERRARI OIL LLC, our diverse background and ethos encompass both Western and Eastern cultures. The combined disciplines enable us to effectively communicate with and maintain key relationships. Combined with our long experience in the oil & gas, legal, financial and banking industries as well as high tech. industries, FERRARI OIL LLC offers a sustainable “bridge” in conducting business into Europe, Asia and USA.


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01 January 2020


What we do




Vabaõhumuuseumi tee 2A-14

13522 Tallinn - Estonia

Tel.:  +372-6027986

Fax:  +372-6667289

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Skype: Ferrari.Oil